A downloadable game for Windows

Debut game project from Cline Iodine

About the Game

Control the titular Glitch Witch in a platforming adventure to save the Earth Motherboard from the malicious Malefactor and its Dreadling henchmen!

Pewpew through three levels of a strange digital world before facing off against the big boss! Can you get the highscore? (Probably, because I believe in you!)

Control movement with WASD
Jump with space
Shoot toward mouse cursor with left click
Dash toward mouse cursor with right click


  • If you keep up your momentum, continuously dashing in the air can be used to fly almost indefinitely.
  • Every 1000 points will cause Mooncat the Harbinger of Upgrades to appear. Killing that will probably make something cool happen, but y'know, follow your heart.

Note from the Developer

Hello, my name is Cline.

Thank you for checking out my first ever game project! I created this game, as well as the sprite art, music and sound effects on my own for the experience and the pleasure of creating something weird.

Since this is my first game, I hope you can forgive the less than perfect experience and presentation. Even so, I would love to hear any and all feedback so I can continue to improve. Also, to reward you for reading this far into the page: enter "halloween" at any point in game to enter godmode (this will wipe your score and lock you out of the secret ending, but I dunno, it might be a little fun).

Thank you again, I hope you enjoy Glitch Witch.

Hit me up on Twitter - https://twitter.com/clineiodine

Or Tumblr - http://clineiodine.tumblr.com/


Glitch Witch.zip 24 MB


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I should of used the godmode cheat on my stream. I enjoyed this even though it kicked my butt!