You're a tiny wizard wanting some quality alone time with these totally rad sigils that suddenly started appearing on your scrying table. Problem is, your rivals are lookin' to do the same thing!

Huddle in close on one keyboard with three of your buddies and see who can stay on top in this wee skirmish for smol wiz'rd supremecy!

P1 - Green Wizard - WASD to move and E to draw/blast

P2 - Pink Wizard - arrows to move and shift to draw/blast

(Here's where it gets tricky)

P3 - Orange Wizard - GVBN to move and H to draw/blast

P4 - Purple Wizard - 9IOP to move and 0 to draw/blast
  • In the drawing phase you must trace the sigil with your own color, while trying to cover up your rival's drawings too. The wizard who covers up the most of the sigil with their own color gets increased magic power for the blasting phase.
  • In the blasting phase, harness the power from your tracing skills to use your magic and blast your opponents off the table.
  • The last wizard on the table is the victor!

This game was made for the LOWREZJAM 2016!

In an attempt to keep with the theme of working in a confined space, I wanted to make a game where the players and the onscreen characters alike mutually felt squished together and claustrophobic. Hopefully I achieved this to some degree!

Thank you for checking out my game, hopefully you and your friends will have as much fun playing as I had making it.

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